Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just thought I would add prices for those that did not see the add on RV-Dreams or Escapees.
Asking $ 62,500.00 as a package or $ 32,500.00 for the trailer and $ 33,500.00 for the truck. If sold seperately trailer must be sold first.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Greetings From Arizona

  First I should apologize for being away for a while. Since my last post we have left Florida and are now in Mesa Arizona.On the 29th we will move to Happy Trails RV Resort for a six week stay before moving on to Oregon. A lot of decisions will be made over the next few weeks on our future travel plans.We still want to travel but maybe at a slower pace with a place called home to recharge our batteries. We are also thinking about where we want to be when we can't do it any more.More on that in the future.

   I really enjoyed my trip to see the Daytona 500. If you are a race fan you need to see this race one time. I tried to take pictures but the track and grounds are so massive my point and shoot camera did it no justice so you will just have to experience it for yourself. I also revisited Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala and will post a few pictures at the end. He has really expanded it since I was there more than 25 years ago. We wanted to go to the beach one more time but for one reason or another never did.

   Florida was a wonderful experience for us and we will treasure our four months spent there. Although Linda and I are pretty reclusive we did make what we considered friends with Pete and Doris from across the street and their two precious Lhasa Apso's Annie & Allie. Buddy and Pete made friends right off the bat and Buddy always wanted to go see Pete. We didn't get to visit with Ron and Sandy next door much as they only came for a few days at a time but Ron was fun to visit with. Pete and Doris made us feel welcome and we will not forget that.

  We left around 8 a.m. and spent overnight in Bonifay Florida before moving on to Mississippi and the Davis Bayou Campground which is part of the Gulf Island National Seashore.We spent 5 days at this delightful campground with 50 AMP electrical and water. The proximity to Biloxi  makes it a plus.
Our site
Long Bridge into Biloxi

    After leaving Missisippi we headed west on Interstate 10 for the long trek across Texas. We did enjoy one part of that trip when we stopped for a few days in San Antonio so we could visit The Alamo and go see The River Walk. If you are in the area both are worth the time to visit. We went in a back gate at the Alamo and got to the last building before being told dogs were not allowed on the grounds.I guess all the other security guards thought we had a human baby in the stroller. The rest of our trip was a series of stops in small inexpensive( getting budget well) parks until we hit Tuscon,Arizona where we stayed at Justins Diamond RV park. We spent 3 days there before landing in Mesa,Arizona for a couple weeks.The park we are in is actually a retirement community full of mostly older park models and they rent the empty spots to RV's.Close quarters but very clean and nice people. That pretty much sums it up for now so until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.
Before eviction

Part of Alamo compound

River walk

Another View

Linda and Buddy by big tree at River Walk

The Snake Don Prudhome car

Swamp Rat 1

Shirley Muldowney Car

Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Weather Now it's time to leave

   Looking back our time here in Florida it has really went fast.Lately the weather has been exactly what we came here for.Some may question leaving Florida this time of year but it is time.We have really enjoyed being here but need a change of scenery.We will be working our way to Arizona to finish out the winter and spring before heading for Oregon where we have reservations for June 1st.
Pink Taxi Cabs

We took a trip down to the Florida Keys and spent a few days checking out the various Keys.The Keys are a very unique area with almost perfect weather.As with all warm weather tourist areas bring your money.We ordered a pizza to eat in our Hotel and was shocked when a plain jane pizza cost $19.00 and it wasn't even that good.We had Buddy with us so it was pretty hard to go out to eat seafood which is the big thing here.That's ok, he's our baby and we don't mind sacrificing certain things for him.The companionship he gives us more than makes up for it.I think the highlight of the trip was one morning in the Marina right out of our window where the Dolphins were feeding on fish within 20 feet of where we were walking.It was amazing to watch them circle and group the fish before feeding.Very fascinating to watch.I asked one of the locals if it was as exciting to them as it is to us drylanders and he said they never get tired of watching Dolphins.We walked old town Key West which was also very interesting.Was as far south as you can go in the U.S.A at one point.

On the way home we were going to take a road through the Everglades but somehow missed the road and had to take I-75 through instead.Got to see some of it but not as much if we hadn't missed our turn.Linda and I were talking and she mentioned all the years going to Yellowstone Park wanting to see a bear in it's natural habitat she never did.We figured her luck would be the same as far as seeing an Alligator here but kept watching.All the sudden she got really excited as she had spotted 3 of them on a bank along side the road.Again a new experience for a drylander.
Linda and Buddy's new chair

Beautiful old Home circa late 1800's

Oldest eating establishment in U.S.A.
Dolphin in Marina

Baby Bald Eagle

Old section of 7 mile bridge from new bridge

Buddy not as fond of beach as Linda is
    For me The Daytona 500 is Sunday and I'm really looking forward to being there in person.This is the Super Bowl of NASCAR and it will be bittersweet to be there in remembrance of 10 years since the Death of Dale Earnhardt.Go Dale  Jr!! Just watched Michael Waltrip win truck race 10 years to the day of his 1st 500 win.

  It's going to be a busy two weeks as I would like to go to Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum and take Linda to the beach one more time.We have a lot of prep work to do to get ready to start traveling again so until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winding Down our Winter Stay

     Wow it's hard to believe it's been over a month since I've posted.Despite some days and evenings that were cooler than I expected it has been a very pleasant winter here.When I compare it to the temperatures in my home town we are overjoyed with our decision to come here.The t-shirt and shorts days far outnumber the days having to wear long sleeves and sweats.That being said we are less than 30 days from leaving here for Arizona for a spell on our way to Oregon for the summer.The pictures are of some of the birds that hang out by the pond by our trailer and of an Alligator that had to be relocated  a couple years ago.

Relocated Gator
Broad Wing Hawk
Ugly Turkey Vulture
    We took a very enjoyable trip to Indian Shores,Florida for a week to meet my cousin Laurel and her husband Ron and shared a condo with a beach view of the Gulf of Mexico.They are a lot of fun and we had a great time.The week went way to fast for us but not for Buddy.We had to board him as we couldn't have him with us in the condo.He has had sitters at home before but never had to stay somewhere else.Boy was he ever happy to see us when we picked him up.Of course we didn't miss him at all.Yea right,we were just as happy to see him. The pictures below are of the Condo at Indian Shores.If you ever get a chance this is a nice area to visit.

Ron and Laurel
Linda and I
View from Patio at Condo
Sunset from our Patio

   We are going to the Florida Keys Monday and will have a report and pictures from there.We are looking forward to this trip as we are told it is beautiful down there.Buddy gets to stay with us this time so he will be happy.I also have a trip to Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum and a trip to attend the Daytona 500 yet this month so will have plenty to write about and more pictures to show.Blogger changed the format on me so I hope this post isn't messed up as it takes me a while to catch up with the changes.Seems I just get one format figured out and they change it.That's hard on us old guys:).Until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.