Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally got out of town !

We were beginning to think we were never going to get started. We sold our house and spent a week at Linda's Brother-in Law and Sister's farm while we finished our business in Greeley. Thanks Jerry and Dorothy. The weather turned bad as soon as we moved into the 5ver and we thought we might not get to leave when we wanted.Then on the day we were going to head out we made a stop at our RV dealer to have a second air conditioner installed which was supposed to be a two hour job.As luck would have it the factory sent one part that was wrong and we had to wait until noon the next day to get the part shipped from Denver and installed.Thank you Great Outdoors RV for working so hard to get us going as soon as possible.
We left Greeley about 12:30 and arrived in Grand Junction around 6:30. I had planned on visiting the Gate Way Auto Museum in Gate Way, Colorado but the weather was cold and windy so I decided to just rest for a couple days and relax. We have not had much time to relax this last month and it sure felt good to just lay around.Did the second leg today, a 188 mile trip to Blanding, Utah for a couple more days.Our goal for now is to get to the Grand Canyon and spend a week or so there seeing the sites.After that we will go west to California and a stop at Simi Vally to see the Reagan Library then head north on 101 with a destination of McMinnville ,Oregon in late July.Where we will go between here and there is anybody's guess.I will add to this when I have something I feel is interesting.Maybe by then my writing style will improve as this blog and our new life is a work in progress.

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