Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring in the Pacific Northwest

We are continuing our relax and maintain routine while watching the guys here at the park get the boats and docks ready for the fishing season which I think is their main business.The RV Park is just a side deal to keep money flowing when they can't fish. Although not a Resort it has been a pleasure being here by the river away from the hustle and bustle of a big City.People have been in and out of the park but for the most part it's only about half full( good for us)

The weather has except for a couple days been mostly sunny and in the low 60's with rain most evenings. I guess that is why the Redwoods grow so big and everything is so green. Right now they have the floating dock out of the river painting and repairing it. I hope they get it done and in the river before we leave as that would be very interesting to watch.
The other day I washed the road grime off the trailer and have been doing minor maintenance items that need to be performed in order to keep our rolling home in good shape. Little things like checking the caulking on all the seams,flushing the black tank and tightening the kitchen faucet are things to stay on top of because things have a tendency to shake loose rolling down the road. Short Rant: What do the Government Bureaucrats do with all that tax money that is supposed to go to road repairs? I also took care of an item I feel the factory should have done but was a fairly easy fix . The electric fireplace has a 1500 watt heater that was making the cabinet above it a lot warmer than I was comfortable with so I pulled it out of the cabinet and lined the area with a heat shield material and it sure made a difference last night.We run the fireplace at night to take the chill out of the living area and don't have to burn that expensive propane furnace.Linda continues to get her cupboards rearranged the way she wants them as we keep learning what we use everyday and what we don't.

We have decided to move a little inland on our next move to hopefully find a "little" warmer weather and some different scenery although there is nothing wrong with where we are at. We are still trying to stay put for a while in each spot to get the feel of the lifestyle.Some might ask why we don't go "see the sights" but there is plenty of time for that.We have visited this area in the past and see no need to revisit attractions.This is just a stopover on our way to visit relatives in Washington and Oregon any way.

Just got my excitement for today,wind gust blew my satellite dish over so I had to fix that before finishing this post.Can't camp without TV ! Ha.

One picture and I'll close this ramble for today.
Tell me you couldn't make a bunch of Rocky Mountain Oysters with those things.For those who don't know what they are google it

Monday, May 24, 2010

Peace and quiet with a view

Not quite a national park setting but this is a decent place for some peace and quiet and a chance to just see the sights and enjoy ourselves. This is a small park that sits between historic Highway 101( Redwood Highway) and the Klamath river that empty's into the Pacific Ocean less than a mile from where we set. The above picture is looking East toward 101 and the Mountains.As you can see it's been raining some but today was partly sunny and about 60 degrees. The next ones are from the door of our trailer looking at the River that is supposed to be full of Salmon and Steel head's. Linda being the early bird in the family got to see the fog over the river this morning and got to see the large fish feeding on the surface. I MAY try that some morning or not.

Today we took a short drive towards Crescent City to find the Ocean for Linda. Even though the Pacific is just on the other side of the above River and Mountain ( being from Colorado it's kinda hard calling them Mountains) we did have to drive 5 miles North on 101 to find it. It's still kind of odd to be in the woods then round a curve and find this.
There is a picture of Linda also but my editor wouldn't let me use it .

We will be here for two maybe three weeks and there is a lot to see in the Redwoods so I will post in a few more days with more pictures of the area. We are in a relaxation mode so there will be days we do nothing thus I won't bore you with " we sat around in our PJ'S" all day. Just a note we are without cell phone reception here so e-mail is the only way to contact us. Until next time we will continue Chasing A Rainbow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Better scenery Better weather

Since my last post we have been slowly making our way North and West towards Highway 101 looking for better scenery and weather which we have found. Although I'm not really fond of California the Northern half has pleasant weather and scenery.We have about 281 miles to go before we get to Klamath, California where we plan to spend at least two weeks at a riverside RV park. We are anxious to settle in and stay somewhere for a while and explore but needed to get out of the desert as quick as we could without going very far each day.The 281 miles from here in Santa Rosa to Klamath will be the longest travel day so far. A far cry from our vacation mode days when we drove from sun up till sundown and arrived so tired we couldn't even enjoy ourselves.

We stayed in a couple "clunker" parks in Barstow and Chowchilla with a real nice place sandwiched in between in Bakersfield. We wouldn't have minded spending a little more time there but had already booked Klamath and needed to get some miles out of the way.We are staying in the Sonoma County Fairground RV park for the next two days before going on in to Klamath. This place was a little tuff to find since guess who wrote down the address wrong! Well Ashton does kinda sound like Aston. Wandering around lost in a large City pulling 39 feet of trailer can get a little complicated to say the least. The satellite dish payed me back today for the time in Arizona I set it up pointing right at all 3 satellites.Took 1 1/2 hours today until I found another dish in the park to get a line of sight from.Oh well, sometimes chicken sometimes feathers!

Hopefully in a few days I'll have more to talk about and possibly some pictures of something besides cars.Until then we will be Chasing A Rainbow.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Plans written in jello

For the second time since we left Colorado we have made a change in plans as far as visiting an attraction. Due to lack of due diligence on my part we will have to bypass the Reagan Library for now.I did not realize Southern California was full of Campgrounds mostly run by County and State Government with all the government crap that goes along with it or resorts that because of high land prices in the area charge more for one night than we like to spend in a week! We spent two days trying to make it work and just couldn't justify the expense of making it happen. Are we disappointed , yes? Are we going to dwell on it,no . Again that is why we chose this lifestyle. In vacation mode you would feel cheated for missing something like that but we know there might be another chance at a later date. If not,oh well. The next few days will be somewhat of a fast track to Northern California where we hope to find better scenery .

We have enjoyed our time here in Laughlin even though we haven't really done anything other than a couple hours gambling and just walking the park and visiting with other travelers. Once again Buddy has given our whole area of the park his "mark" of approval. The Riverside Casino has a great Auto Museum as you will see. I know, I know-" Not more car pictures" but you all realize what a motorhead I am.I promise eventually to get some nature shots in once we get somewhere that's not desert. Until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.

Nice 1954 Corvette

Linda's favorite 1955 Chevy

Clean 1965 Corvair Convertable

Valuable Cord( can't remember year)

36 Ford Street Rod-Only $ 50,000!

1927 Ford Wrecker

Pedal Car version

Great old Woody

Mopar ahead of the game with 318 and dual 4's

Classic 1957 styling

My first car was a 2 door gray and white version of this 1955 Buick
Old style 1948 Ford Gasser race car

Cool looking 1957 Ford Race Car

23 T old style fuel altered( fun to watch)

1950 Oldsmobile custom-not your fathers Oldsmobile for sure!

1950 Mercury 4 door with suicide doors.Only $ 27,500.00

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grand Canyon and Williams,Arizona

Friday morning about 8 I took Buddy to the Doggie Day Care for them to board him while Linda
and I rode the train to the Grand Canyon. After seeing the look on his face when I started to leave I'm not sure which one of us felt worse( he is usually our constant companion). We boarded the train at 9:15 for the little over two hour ride to the Canyon and it was surprisingly comfortable and the car host was a wonderful lady named Amber Rose.She made the ride a pleasure. There also was a Cowboy singer who sang old Cowboy Songs. He was very good.

What can I say about the Grand Canyon other than, Wow. If you have never seen it,all I can say is no picture does it any justice.You must see it first hand to really see the beauty and vastness of it. The ride home was pretty uneventful until we were "robbed by bandits" Even though you know it is staged they do a good job of making it seem realistic.Of course you are expected to "give up" your money.
The entertainment on the way back was also very good.He played the "squeeze box" and harmonica. Not to many guys get the honor of having their picture taken with my camera shy wife. He really made a big impression on her LOL.

Today we walked Downtown Williams who's main street is part of the old Route 66. This is the World Famous Sultana Bar. It is said to be world famous because "the owner says so".

Main street is also great for us car guys who grew up in the 50's and 60's. Check out the old Coca Cola sign and pop machine.
I understand they have a big car show in August.May try to make that some day.

We are leaving for Laughlin, Nevada in the morning to stay a week in a park with a very good weekly rate to give our budget a break before heading into California.Of course for that to work out we will have to stay out of the Casino's-Not ! Until next time we will be "Chasing A Rainbow".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is much better

After our traveling adventure Sunday, yesterday and today are the reason we started this lifestyle. The

weather has been warm during the day and cool at night.After all we are at 6800 feet in the spring.

The good Lord must have felt sorry for me having to drive in that weather because I had a first in

setting up our satellite dish. I use a web site to get my elevation and skew then look in the park for

someone with the same dish and get a general direction in which to point it. After getting the tri-pod

leveled and making the needed settings I pointed it in the general direction of the other dishes in

the park and went inside to start the usually frustrating process of getting a signal( if you have never

done this it can be maddening).I turned on the TV and was getting ready to go to the setup screen

when all the sudden we have TV ! Chances are probably 1 in a million you can just put the dish up

and be pointing exactly at all three satellites without moving it 10 or 15 times. That makes up for the

times I had to fight to even find the sky let alone a satellite!

Today was spent giving the trailer a spit bath while Linda rearranged her cupboards which is an

ever evolving process.You are not allowed to actually use a brush and a hose to wash your trailer

so I used a small 2 gallon bucket of soapy water and a terry cloth rag to wash and then rinsed it with

a small spray bottle of clean water then dried it with a sham wow(don't laugh they do work).

I will have to finish the other half tomorrow.I relate this to washing an elephant with a baby wipe.

We did take a short trip into Town yesterday for groceries and a short look at the town.Williams is

a lot like Arizona's version of Estes Park but since it has Route 66 running through town the theme

is out of the 50's and 60's with a lot of older cars on display( my kinda town).When I figure out how

to add photo's we plan on taking Buddy on a walking tour of main street in his stroller and will take

pictures and post them.Although the above picture is out of place that was the best part of the snow

we drove through.Now I need to learn how to add a photo and not have it mess up my sentence structure. Stick with me and I will get it right soon.Chasing A Rainbow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bi-Polar Weather on travel day

We left Blanding ,Utah this morning to partly cloudy skies on our way to Williams, Arizona a trip of about 265 miles. Those were the most interesting and challenging miles I have ever driven. We had expected a little rain according to the forecast but that rain quickly turned to spitting snow which wasn't to bad.I told Linda since we were going south we will probably drive right through it and be in the sunshine soon.Well--that spitting snow got more intense and wet and slushy as we went.At times visibility was around 100 feet and the roads went from just wet to slushy to snow packed in a matter of 50 miles. Needless to say our speed got slower and slower until we were going 30 miles an hour.This lasted until just outside Tuba City,Arizona where it was just cold and a little windy.
Right before we got there Linda had one of those "OH NO" moments.She said I just remembered I put your glass of milk on the shelf in the fridge while you were doing your outside packing so it wouldn't get warm.For those who don't RV, things usually bounce around a little going down the road. We had visions of milk all over everything. We needed to stop for fuel ( $ 3.39 a gallon !!!) anyway so we pulled into the Shell station and filled up.There was a big open lot next to the station so we decided to park there and stretch our legs then grab a bite to eat before getting back on the road again.By the way not a drop of milk was spilled.Thank you Trail Air Suspension! Before we could even get back to the trailer we were approached by this " gentleman" giving a sob story and asking for a hand out.Told him to hit the bricks and went inside. As fast as we got in the trailer we both felt really uncomfortable and decided to leave.We didn't even get back to the truck before we were hit up again by another "gentleman".Man were we ever glad to get out of there !! Geez get a job !

After the snow and the experience at the gas station we were thinking we had seen it all. Not yet. From blowing snow to blowing sand in less than 200 miles. Just think we began this lifestyle to chase the sun and have seen very little of it since we left. Guess we just haven't gotten far enough south yet.Still wouldn't have it any other way.
We are now in Williams and are excited about riding the train to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and seeing some of the other attractions in the area. Buddy gave his marking of approval all over the RV park so it is an I will ramble on some more in a few days.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally got out of town !

We were beginning to think we were never going to get started. We sold our house and spent a week at Linda's Brother-in Law and Sister's farm while we finished our business in Greeley. Thanks Jerry and Dorothy. The weather turned bad as soon as we moved into the 5ver and we thought we might not get to leave when we wanted.Then on the day we were going to head out we made a stop at our RV dealer to have a second air conditioner installed which was supposed to be a two hour job.As luck would have it the factory sent one part that was wrong and we had to wait until noon the next day to get the part shipped from Denver and installed.Thank you Great Outdoors RV for working so hard to get us going as soon as possible.
We left Greeley about 12:30 and arrived in Grand Junction around 6:30. I had planned on visiting the Gate Way Auto Museum in Gate Way, Colorado but the weather was cold and windy so I decided to just rest for a couple days and relax. We have not had much time to relax this last month and it sure felt good to just lay around.Did the second leg today, a 188 mile trip to Blanding, Utah for a couple more days.Our goal for now is to get to the Grand Canyon and spend a week or so there seeing the sites.After that we will go west to California and a stop at Simi Vally to see the Reagan Library then head north on 101 with a destination of McMinnville ,Oregon in late July.Where we will go between here and there is anybody's guess.I will add to this when I have something I feel is interesting.Maybe by then my writing style will improve as this blog and our new life is a work in progress.