Thursday, May 20, 2010

Better scenery Better weather

Since my last post we have been slowly making our way North and West towards Highway 101 looking for better scenery and weather which we have found. Although I'm not really fond of California the Northern half has pleasant weather and scenery.We have about 281 miles to go before we get to Klamath, California where we plan to spend at least two weeks at a riverside RV park. We are anxious to settle in and stay somewhere for a while and explore but needed to get out of the desert as quick as we could without going very far each day.The 281 miles from here in Santa Rosa to Klamath will be the longest travel day so far. A far cry from our vacation mode days when we drove from sun up till sundown and arrived so tired we couldn't even enjoy ourselves.

We stayed in a couple "clunker" parks in Barstow and Chowchilla with a real nice place sandwiched in between in Bakersfield. We wouldn't have minded spending a little more time there but had already booked Klamath and needed to get some miles out of the way.We are staying in the Sonoma County Fairground RV park for the next two days before going on in to Klamath. This place was a little tuff to find since guess who wrote down the address wrong! Well Ashton does kinda sound like Aston. Wandering around lost in a large City pulling 39 feet of trailer can get a little complicated to say the least. The satellite dish payed me back today for the time in Arizona I set it up pointing right at all 3 satellites.Took 1 1/2 hours today until I found another dish in the park to get a line of sight from.Oh well, sometimes chicken sometimes feathers!

Hopefully in a few days I'll have more to talk about and possibly some pictures of something besides cars.Until then we will be Chasing A Rainbow.

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