Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bi-Polar Weather on travel day

We left Blanding ,Utah this morning to partly cloudy skies on our way to Williams, Arizona a trip of about 265 miles. Those were the most interesting and challenging miles I have ever driven. We had expected a little rain according to the forecast but that rain quickly turned to spitting snow which wasn't to bad.I told Linda since we were going south we will probably drive right through it and be in the sunshine soon.Well--that spitting snow got more intense and wet and slushy as we went.At times visibility was around 100 feet and the roads went from just wet to slushy to snow packed in a matter of 50 miles. Needless to say our speed got slower and slower until we were going 30 miles an hour.This lasted until just outside Tuba City,Arizona where it was just cold and a little windy.
Right before we got there Linda had one of those "OH NO" moments.She said I just remembered I put your glass of milk on the shelf in the fridge while you were doing your outside packing so it wouldn't get warm.For those who don't RV, things usually bounce around a little going down the road. We had visions of milk all over everything. We needed to stop for fuel ( $ 3.39 a gallon !!!) anyway so we pulled into the Shell station and filled up.There was a big open lot next to the station so we decided to park there and stretch our legs then grab a bite to eat before getting back on the road again.By the way not a drop of milk was spilled.Thank you Trail Air Suspension! Before we could even get back to the trailer we were approached by this " gentleman" giving a sob story and asking for a hand out.Told him to hit the bricks and went inside. As fast as we got in the trailer we both felt really uncomfortable and decided to leave.We didn't even get back to the truck before we were hit up again by another "gentleman".Man were we ever glad to get out of there !! Geez get a job !

After the snow and the experience at the gas station we were thinking we had seen it all. Not yet. From blowing snow to blowing sand in less than 200 miles. Just think we began this lifestyle to chase the sun and have seen very little of it since we left. Guess we just haven't gotten far enough south yet.Still wouldn't have it any other way.
We are now in Williams and are excited about riding the train to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and seeing some of the other attractions in the area. Buddy gave his marking of approval all over the RV park so it is an I will ramble on some more in a few days.

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  1. So glad you made it there. Mom says it's really beautful. Can't wait to see you in Oregon this July :)