Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grand Canyon and Williams,Arizona

Friday morning about 8 I took Buddy to the Doggie Day Care for them to board him while Linda
and I rode the train to the Grand Canyon. After seeing the look on his face when I started to leave I'm not sure which one of us felt worse( he is usually our constant companion). We boarded the train at 9:15 for the little over two hour ride to the Canyon and it was surprisingly comfortable and the car host was a wonderful lady named Amber Rose.She made the ride a pleasure. There also was a Cowboy singer who sang old Cowboy Songs. He was very good.

What can I say about the Grand Canyon other than, Wow. If you have never seen it,all I can say is no picture does it any justice.You must see it first hand to really see the beauty and vastness of it. The ride home was pretty uneventful until we were "robbed by bandits" Even though you know it is staged they do a good job of making it seem realistic.Of course you are expected to "give up" your money.
The entertainment on the way back was also very good.He played the "squeeze box" and harmonica. Not to many guys get the honor of having their picture taken with my camera shy wife. He really made a big impression on her LOL.

Today we walked Downtown Williams who's main street is part of the old Route 66. This is the World Famous Sultana Bar. It is said to be world famous because "the owner says so".

Main street is also great for us car guys who grew up in the 50's and 60's. Check out the old Coca Cola sign and pop machine.
I understand they have a big car show in August.May try to make that some day.

We are leaving for Laughlin, Nevada in the morning to stay a week in a park with a very good weekly rate to give our budget a break before heading into California.Of course for that to work out we will have to stay out of the Casino's-Not ! Until next time we will be "Chasing A Rainbow".

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