Monday, May 24, 2010

Peace and quiet with a view

Not quite a national park setting but this is a decent place for some peace and quiet and a chance to just see the sights and enjoy ourselves. This is a small park that sits between historic Highway 101( Redwood Highway) and the Klamath river that empty's into the Pacific Ocean less than a mile from where we set. The above picture is looking East toward 101 and the Mountains.As you can see it's been raining some but today was partly sunny and about 60 degrees. The next ones are from the door of our trailer looking at the River that is supposed to be full of Salmon and Steel head's. Linda being the early bird in the family got to see the fog over the river this morning and got to see the large fish feeding on the surface. I MAY try that some morning or not.

Today we took a short drive towards Crescent City to find the Ocean for Linda. Even though the Pacific is just on the other side of the above River and Mountain ( being from Colorado it's kinda hard calling them Mountains) we did have to drive 5 miles North on 101 to find it. It's still kind of odd to be in the woods then round a curve and find this.
There is a picture of Linda also but my editor wouldn't let me use it .

We will be here for two maybe three weeks and there is a lot to see in the Redwoods so I will post in a few more days with more pictures of the area. We are in a relaxation mode so there will be days we do nothing thus I won't bore you with " we sat around in our PJ'S" all day. Just a note we are without cell phone reception here so e-mail is the only way to contact us. Until next time we will continue Chasing A Rainbow.

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