Friday, May 14, 2010

Plans written in jello

For the second time since we left Colorado we have made a change in plans as far as visiting an attraction. Due to lack of due diligence on my part we will have to bypass the Reagan Library for now.I did not realize Southern California was full of Campgrounds mostly run by County and State Government with all the government crap that goes along with it or resorts that because of high land prices in the area charge more for one night than we like to spend in a week! We spent two days trying to make it work and just couldn't justify the expense of making it happen. Are we disappointed , yes? Are we going to dwell on it,no . Again that is why we chose this lifestyle. In vacation mode you would feel cheated for missing something like that but we know there might be another chance at a later date. If not,oh well. The next few days will be somewhat of a fast track to Northern California where we hope to find better scenery .

We have enjoyed our time here in Laughlin even though we haven't really done anything other than a couple hours gambling and just walking the park and visiting with other travelers. Once again Buddy has given our whole area of the park his "mark" of approval. The Riverside Casino has a great Auto Museum as you will see. I know, I know-" Not more car pictures" but you all realize what a motorhead I am.I promise eventually to get some nature shots in once we get somewhere that's not desert. Until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.

Nice 1954 Corvette

Linda's favorite 1955 Chevy

Clean 1965 Corvair Convertable

Valuable Cord( can't remember year)

36 Ford Street Rod-Only $ 50,000!

1927 Ford Wrecker

Pedal Car version

Great old Woody

Mopar ahead of the game with 318 and dual 4's

Classic 1957 styling

My first car was a 2 door gray and white version of this 1955 Buick
Old style 1948 Ford Gasser race car

Cool looking 1957 Ford Race Car

23 T old style fuel altered( fun to watch)

1950 Oldsmobile custom-not your fathers Oldsmobile for sure!

1950 Mercury 4 door with suicide doors.Only $ 27,500.00

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