Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring in the Pacific Northwest

We are continuing our relax and maintain routine while watching the guys here at the park get the boats and docks ready for the fishing season which I think is their main business.The RV Park is just a side deal to keep money flowing when they can't fish. Although not a Resort it has been a pleasure being here by the river away from the hustle and bustle of a big City.People have been in and out of the park but for the most part it's only about half full( good for us)

The weather has except for a couple days been mostly sunny and in the low 60's with rain most evenings. I guess that is why the Redwoods grow so big and everything is so green. Right now they have the floating dock out of the river painting and repairing it. I hope they get it done and in the river before we leave as that would be very interesting to watch.
The other day I washed the road grime off the trailer and have been doing minor maintenance items that need to be performed in order to keep our rolling home in good shape. Little things like checking the caulking on all the seams,flushing the black tank and tightening the kitchen faucet are things to stay on top of because things have a tendency to shake loose rolling down the road. Short Rant: What do the Government Bureaucrats do with all that tax money that is supposed to go to road repairs? I also took care of an item I feel the factory should have done but was a fairly easy fix . The electric fireplace has a 1500 watt heater that was making the cabinet above it a lot warmer than I was comfortable with so I pulled it out of the cabinet and lined the area with a heat shield material and it sure made a difference last night.We run the fireplace at night to take the chill out of the living area and don't have to burn that expensive propane furnace.Linda continues to get her cupboards rearranged the way she wants them as we keep learning what we use everyday and what we don't.

We have decided to move a little inland on our next move to hopefully find a "little" warmer weather and some different scenery although there is nothing wrong with where we are at. We are still trying to stay put for a while in each spot to get the feel of the lifestyle.Some might ask why we don't go "see the sights" but there is plenty of time for that.We have visited this area in the past and see no need to revisit attractions.This is just a stopover on our way to visit relatives in Washington and Oregon any way.

Just got my excitement for today,wind gust blew my satellite dish over so I had to fix that before finishing this post.Can't camp without TV ! Ha.

One picture and I'll close this ramble for today.
Tell me you couldn't make a bunch of Rocky Mountain Oysters with those things.For those who don't know what they are google it

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