Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is much better

After our traveling adventure Sunday, yesterday and today are the reason we started this lifestyle. The

weather has been warm during the day and cool at night.After all we are at 6800 feet in the spring.

The good Lord must have felt sorry for me having to drive in that weather because I had a first in

setting up our satellite dish. I use a web site to get my elevation and skew then look in the park for

someone with the same dish and get a general direction in which to point it. After getting the tri-pod

leveled and making the needed settings I pointed it in the general direction of the other dishes in

the park and went inside to start the usually frustrating process of getting a signal( if you have never

done this it can be maddening).I turned on the TV and was getting ready to go to the setup screen

when all the sudden we have TV ! Chances are probably 1 in a million you can just put the dish up

and be pointing exactly at all three satellites without moving it 10 or 15 times. That makes up for the

times I had to fight to even find the sky let alone a satellite!

Today was spent giving the trailer a spit bath while Linda rearranged her cupboards which is an

ever evolving process.You are not allowed to actually use a brush and a hose to wash your trailer

so I used a small 2 gallon bucket of soapy water and a terry cloth rag to wash and then rinsed it with

a small spray bottle of clean water then dried it with a sham wow(don't laugh they do work).

I will have to finish the other half tomorrow.I relate this to washing an elephant with a baby wipe.

We did take a short trip into Town yesterday for groceries and a short look at the town.Williams is

a lot like Arizona's version of Estes Park but since it has Route 66 running through town the theme

is out of the 50's and 60's with a lot of older cars on display( my kinda town).When I figure out how

to add photo's we plan on taking Buddy on a walking tour of main street in his stroller and will take

pictures and post them.Although the above picture is out of place that was the best part of the snow

we drove through.Now I need to learn how to add a photo and not have it mess up my sentence structure. Stick with me and I will get it right soon.Chasing A Rainbow.

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