Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting settled in...Kinda

We have spent the week getting settled in and just enjoying the weather here in Oregon.So far this has been the kind of weather I've always wished for.Sunny and daytime highs around 75 to 78 degrees with cool breezes and low 60's in the evening.The humidity is a little higher than I'm used to but is tolerable( not east coast or southern humidity).Our trip to Washington State has been postponed so we will be in town.

We have met many friendly people and feel quite at home here for the first time since we left Colorado.There is a core community of seasonal people who are not cliquish like some places are and the ones that come to spend a few days to visit the Museum and surrounding attractions have all been great people. Wednesday night we were invited to Linda's daughter Denise's home for supper and to visit with her and our oldest Grandson Nic.Boy it seems like yesterday he was just a little tyke and now is a grown man.Time sure flies when your having fun.:)By the way the chicken enchiladas were great.

I haven't had any car pictures to post for a while so I found a car show to go to .It was a small show but it was nice for me to see some different cars.At most of the shows back home I have seen all the cars multiple times and only go to shoot the breeze with my fellow motor heads.
This 41 Plymouth was absolutely perfect

Unique example of a "Rat Rod"
Didn't get a good shot of old school 442 Oldsmobile

These ole boys had em dancin in the street.

Today we had to go to Salem to get a part for my satellite dish that I broke before leaving home and have been taping together but it would no longer hold together and prevented me from using it( good thing they have decent cable here).I just assumed( here we go again!) that Sally would take me the same way back to Salem we came from when we left there and came to McMinnville.Roads looked familiar for a while then she had me turn on a different road so remembering what I said before that I was going to listen to her from here on out I did.Pretty soon I saw signs stating "Ferry Ahead". WHAT!! Well as GPS's do she was taking me the shortest route to the part of town I needed to go to and this was it.A little background about me.I like being BY the water but absolutely don't like to be IN or ON it! Sorry Sally and Linda but I'm not riding that da** ferry. So recalculating it is.We did find another roundabout way to town and got my part and got some groceries from a different Wal-Mart than the first one we shopped at.We have ice cream so we need to get home post haste.Geeze! Sally is bound and determined we are riding that da** ferry so off we go again until I realize we are doing a big circle back to the ferry.Ice cream is now melting and once again I'm wasting time not listening(thought I'd learned my lesson...not). I am now getting that look that I WILL be riding the ferry.Here are the pictures. I sure am glad it is a small river.The ice cream survived as well as me so that's it for now.Linda and I had a good laugh over my latest adventure and will continue to Chase A Rainbow.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Short Move Long Stay.

We left Myrtle Creek at 8:30 a.m. for the 177 mile trip to McMinnville. Sally was programed to stop at the Super Wal-Mart in Salem as the one in McMinnville is a regular one and doesn't carry a lot of the food items we require. $190.00 and a hour later we were back on the road to go the final 26 miles to our home for the next two months.We had booked this park at the last minute because it is closer to Linda's daughter Denise's house.Reservations had been made in another town close to here for later in the month so we thought we would decide which we liked best and just book the two months in the one we liked.Are we ever glad we found this one as the other one would have not have a pleasant stay.One word of caution to those relying on web site pictures and descriptions of a park, sometimes what you see on their web site is not what you will get.That one may have been nice once upon a time but the old, old rv's with junk all around them sure made it look less than desirable .Needless to say that one got canceled and our new find got extended .I have no answer yet to the problem of occasionally picking a clunker RV park.It's a good thing our house has wheels.

The park is adjacent to the Evergreen Aviation Museum which is the home of the "Spruce Goose" a massive ww2 plane developed by Howard Hughes plus many other airplanes and aviation items.I have not made it there yet but will post pictures when I do.

We have already met many very nice people here and we are sure this is what we have been
looking for.The couple next to us are from Colorado and I have visited with a few that either used to live there or have family there.Another is from Wyoming so it's kinda nice to visit about a common area of the country.Even though we love traveling and seeing new places you always feel you have ties to your home state.

Buddy has given the park his "mark" of approval but is unhappy with us because the second day here he had to go to the groomer for haircut.Not his favorite thing.

There are a lot of places to see in the area so we will have plenty to do for the next two months if we feel like it.A short road trip is planned for Saturday thru Tuesday in Washington to visit Linda's nephew and family then we will be back home.It will be strange to sleep somewhere other than our house on wheels. Here are a few pictures of our home.
1. Walkway from park to museum
2. One of three museum buildings
3. Our site from walkway
4. Landscaping to hide trash compactor

Chasing A Rainbow

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's time to move on

Sunday will be two weeks here in Myrtle Creek. We have not done a whole lot except I did good scrubbing and cleaning of the trailer since this park allows it. Without a home base to take it to clean it you do what you can when you can.You just don't take a 39 foot trailer to the local car wash.

Linda has been working on our legal items since we have not updated them for a while.Since we have divested ourselves of most of our belongings other than what we need to live on the road we have decided to set up a living trust for our 6 children in case something would happen, there is no question on what is to happen to what we do have. She is really good at that kind of stuff and enjoys doing it.Suzi Orman has a great free program she is using that talks you through the whole process.Sure wish we would have had that when we set up my Grandmother's estate.Would have saved a bunch of Attorney fees.

We have had a very comfortable stay here even though most of the residents live here permanently and although they wave and seem friendly they stay in their own comfort zones and don't seem to care to have much conversation with us. I can understand that as even though we all live in RV's their lives are much different than ours. Some this is all they can afford,others just can't travel anymore and chose here as a place to live. I have to say the rates are reasonable and management takes real good care of things.I see no cutting corners you see in some parks. We manage some human contact with the full time RVr next door who is leaving about the same time we are and the people who spend a night or two and move on.Linda and I are not social butterfly's so we can get by without a lot of people around us.We are hoping the next park will have more full time and part time RVr's to visit with.The pool and hot tub will be nice....just in time for summer.

Linda's oldest Daughter Denise and our oldest Grandson Nic live close also so it will be nice to see them. We will be in a larger City so there will be more to keep us busy when we so choose.Myrtle Creek has been nice but it's time to move on.Buddy has made his mark of approval all over the park and needs new territory to sniff.

Until then we continue to Chase A Rainbow.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving Inland

We pulled out of Klamath at 8:20 for the short 154 mile trip to Myrtle Creek, Oregon. It was raining lightly but not bad enough to be a problem.Our route took us up 101 to Crescent City then Highway 199 to Grants Pass,Oregon. This is a very beautiful drive on a narrow in areas but very good road.Since there' s not a Super Wal-Mart close to Myrtle Creek we stopped in Grants Pass to stock up on groceries since we plan on another 2 week stay to give the budget a breather.

When we started to leave Wal-Mart Linda and the Garmin( from here on out will be referred to as Sally) said to turn right to get to I-5 which is what we wanted. Well- in my self assured mind I vetoed that move and turned left as I KNEW better where to go-NOT! As soon as I did it I realized I was wrong,AGAIN.

Now there comes a time in your life you have to realize you are crappy at directions and just listen to those that have proven more than once just how bad you are.At 61 years of age I have decided to listen and save us a lot of wasted time turning around.:)

Once back on track it was a short uneventful drive to the RV park just North of Myrtle Creek. Other than some traffic noise which we are used to after living on a busy street for 22 years this is a real nice park.Most of the trailers here are Permanent residents but are very clean and well kept.Here are a few pictures.

Today we took a drive into the town of Myrtle Creek to look for a covered bridge listed in the Chamber of Commerce site and look at the old buildings. We took a road that was supposed to take us to one but all we found was a winding dirt road with some small acreages.Many are newer homes but here is a part of times gone by. There was really nothing we could find in town that was interesting so we went looking for the old covered bridges.Found this one that led to the local golf course.

From the old to the newer,this is the bridge that goes over the Umpqua River leading to Myrtle Creek and a couple of houses with a Million Dollar view.For now I will leave you with this and we will continue Chasing A Rainbow

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soggy Weather

For the last two days we have been pretty much cooped up in the trailer because of rain.All three of us are getting a case of cabin fever.At least Linda and I have our computers and TV.Poor Buddy just sits on the back of the couch looking out the window and sighing.We have enjoyed our time here but are starting to get hitch itch and are ready to move on with hopes of better weather.We understand we are in the Pacific Northwest but hope to at least get some daytime highs in the 70's instead of the low 60's.

We have at least learned our roof is in good shape unlike the poor guy across from us who was out in the rain putting duct tape on his roof.That would really tick me off.So far we have been extremely happy with how our Cedar Creek has performed. We feel lucky as earlier this week the neighbor next to us was very unhappy with his Motor Home and was planning on filing Lemon Law papers on it when he gets home.He said he has had the roof repaired 3 times and it still leaks.Half the time the slides refuse to go in without a lot of pushing and shoving.I felt bad for the guy.He traded his truck and fifth wheel for the motorhome because of the easier setup and now regrets it.

The park is slowly gaining a few more campers I'm guessing spend the summer here.If you like to fish this would probably be the place to summer as the weather never gets very hot.

I was going to get my wish and see them put the floating dock in the river this week but weather and one of the main guys working here ending up sick in the hospital put that on hold.Get well soon Angel.He is a really nice guy and a hard worker.

I am going to add some pictures of our trip to Arizona last year to see if I have fixed my posting problem.A question to my readers,would you prefer a little larger print or does this work?Let me know in the comments section.Until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.These two pictures are of the Salt River Canyon,The deepest part is called The other Grand Canyon. The next two are of Spirit Mountain in Apache Junction,Arizona.As you can see it changes color when the sun is setting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Learning

Well I began the day yesterday writing what I thought was a fitting entry for Memorial Day.I even posted it then remembered a patriotic link I was going to include.Being new at this I went in to edit and tried to copy and paste a link into the post.All was well until I hit paste-the whole post went away! Went back as I thought Blogger automatically backed it up. I couldn't find it anywhere.By then I was a little upset with myself because if you could see how well I type you would see that it takes me a while to get this done.Decided to just quit while I still had an operating computer:).

The other day we decided to drive to the Klamath River Overlook just a mile or so up the road from us.It overlooks the spot where the Klamath meets the Ocean.As you can see by the pictures it is quite scenic.The last one shows the difference in color of the river water before it mixes with the ocean. On the way home we noticed a sign on 101 we hadn't noticed before.It said we were in a tsunami danger zone ! Never thought about it before but being this close to the Ocean I guess it makes sense.

Last night about 6 we were outside talking with our neighbor when all the sudden we heard the strangest sound then figured it was Seals in the River.We all went running to the shore and the 3 Seals put on quite a show for us while they were feeding on fish.That's a real treat for an old drylander like me.To bad I wasn't quicker with the camera but they didn't stick around long. They were here again tonight but were all business and didn't put on much of a show.

Since Klamath only has a convience store we had to go to Crescent City to
day to get some groceries and to get Linda a haircut. We took advantage of cell phone service to call Linda's daughter to see how our Granddaughter Amanda's high school graduation went. We sure hated to miss it but "PaPa" and Grandma are proud of you. I also called good friend Duane who is also planning to full time as soon as they can swing it.Although we enjoy being on the road you still miss your family and friends .

I would like to welcome all that have signed up to follow my blog.I hope I can give you a true picture of what it is like to travel and live in an RV. Until next time we will be chasing a rainbow.