Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting settled in...Kinda

We have spent the week getting settled in and just enjoying the weather here in Oregon.So far this has been the kind of weather I've always wished for.Sunny and daytime highs around 75 to 78 degrees with cool breezes and low 60's in the evening.The humidity is a little higher than I'm used to but is tolerable( not east coast or southern humidity).Our trip to Washington State has been postponed so we will be in town.

We have met many friendly people and feel quite at home here for the first time since we left Colorado.There is a core community of seasonal people who are not cliquish like some places are and the ones that come to spend a few days to visit the Museum and surrounding attractions have all been great people. Wednesday night we were invited to Linda's daughter Denise's home for supper and to visit with her and our oldest Grandson Nic.Boy it seems like yesterday he was just a little tyke and now is a grown man.Time sure flies when your having fun.:)By the way the chicken enchiladas were great.

I haven't had any car pictures to post for a while so I found a car show to go to .It was a small show but it was nice for me to see some different cars.At most of the shows back home I have seen all the cars multiple times and only go to shoot the breeze with my fellow motor heads.
This 41 Plymouth was absolutely perfect

Unique example of a "Rat Rod"
Didn't get a good shot of old school 442 Oldsmobile

These ole boys had em dancin in the street.

Today we had to go to Salem to get a part for my satellite dish that I broke before leaving home and have been taping together but it would no longer hold together and prevented me from using it( good thing they have decent cable here).I just assumed( here we go again!) that Sally would take me the same way back to Salem we came from when we left there and came to McMinnville.Roads looked familiar for a while then she had me turn on a different road so remembering what I said before that I was going to listen to her from here on out I did.Pretty soon I saw signs stating "Ferry Ahead". WHAT!! Well as GPS's do she was taking me the shortest route to the part of town I needed to go to and this was it.A little background about me.I like being BY the water but absolutely don't like to be IN or ON it! Sorry Sally and Linda but I'm not riding that da** ferry. So recalculating it is.We did find another roundabout way to town and got my part and got some groceries from a different Wal-Mart than the first one we shopped at.We have ice cream so we need to get home post haste.Geeze! Sally is bound and determined we are riding that da** ferry so off we go again until I realize we are doing a big circle back to the ferry.Ice cream is now melting and once again I'm wasting time not listening(thought I'd learned my lesson...not). I am now getting that look that I WILL be riding the ferry.Here are the pictures. I sure am glad it is a small river.The ice cream survived as well as me so that's it for now.Linda and I had a good laugh over my latest adventure and will continue to Chase A Rainbow.


  1. Oh no, the possibility of melted ice cream! Dang Sally.

    We call our GPS Lucy. Sometimes she reminds us of a certain Redhead who was married to a Cuban bandleader back in the late 50's.

  2. need to learn to listen to that matter if it means going on water or not..your how old and still scared of water..LOL