Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's time to move on

Sunday will be two weeks here in Myrtle Creek. We have not done a whole lot except I did good scrubbing and cleaning of the trailer since this park allows it. Without a home base to take it to clean it you do what you can when you can.You just don't take a 39 foot trailer to the local car wash.

Linda has been working on our legal items since we have not updated them for a while.Since we have divested ourselves of most of our belongings other than what we need to live on the road we have decided to set up a living trust for our 6 children in case something would happen, there is no question on what is to happen to what we do have. She is really good at that kind of stuff and enjoys doing it.Suzi Orman has a great free program she is using that talks you through the whole process.Sure wish we would have had that when we set up my Grandmother's estate.Would have saved a bunch of Attorney fees.

We have had a very comfortable stay here even though most of the residents live here permanently and although they wave and seem friendly they stay in their own comfort zones and don't seem to care to have much conversation with us. I can understand that as even though we all live in RV's their lives are much different than ours. Some this is all they can afford,others just can't travel anymore and chose here as a place to live. I have to say the rates are reasonable and management takes real good care of things.I see no cutting corners you see in some parks. We manage some human contact with the full time RVr next door who is leaving about the same time we are and the people who spend a night or two and move on.Linda and I are not social butterfly's so we can get by without a lot of people around us.We are hoping the next park will have more full time and part time RVr's to visit with.The pool and hot tub will be nice....just in time for summer.

Linda's oldest Daughter Denise and our oldest Grandson Nic live close also so it will be nice to see them. We will be in a larger City so there will be more to keep us busy when we so choose.Myrtle Creek has been nice but it's time to move on.Buddy has made his mark of approval all over the park and needs new territory to sniff.

Until then we continue to Chase A Rainbow.

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  1. For us, a lot of the fun of fulltiming is meeting new people. We have met and stayed in touch with several.

    Hopefully, your next stop will be just what you need. ENJOY!