Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving Inland

We pulled out of Klamath at 8:20 for the short 154 mile trip to Myrtle Creek, Oregon. It was raining lightly but not bad enough to be a problem.Our route took us up 101 to Crescent City then Highway 199 to Grants Pass,Oregon. This is a very beautiful drive on a narrow in areas but very good road.Since there' s not a Super Wal-Mart close to Myrtle Creek we stopped in Grants Pass to stock up on groceries since we plan on another 2 week stay to give the budget a breather.

When we started to leave Wal-Mart Linda and the Garmin( from here on out will be referred to as Sally) said to turn right to get to I-5 which is what we wanted. Well- in my self assured mind I vetoed that move and turned left as I KNEW better where to go-NOT! As soon as I did it I realized I was wrong,AGAIN.

Now there comes a time in your life you have to realize you are crappy at directions and just listen to those that have proven more than once just how bad you are.At 61 years of age I have decided to listen and save us a lot of wasted time turning around.:)

Once back on track it was a short uneventful drive to the RV park just North of Myrtle Creek. Other than some traffic noise which we are used to after living on a busy street for 22 years this is a real nice park.Most of the trailers here are Permanent residents but are very clean and well kept.Here are a few pictures.

Today we took a drive into the town of Myrtle Creek to look for a covered bridge listed in the Chamber of Commerce site and look at the old buildings. We took a road that was supposed to take us to one but all we found was a winding dirt road with some small acreages.Many are newer homes but here is a part of times gone by. There was really nothing we could find in town that was interesting so we went looking for the old covered bridges.Found this one that led to the local golf course.

From the old to the newer,this is the bridge that goes over the Umpqua River leading to Myrtle Creek and a couple of houses with a Million Dollar view.For now I will leave you with this and we will continue Chasing A Rainbow

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  1. Don't feel bad. I (Phyllis) am MUCH better at directions than Leonard. Seldom have a problem with map reading. But when I do, I get easily frustrated as I feel I should know better.

    Nice looking Cedar Creek there. We had a 2002 36RLST. Traded in last year for our 2009 Montana. AFTER we brought the Montana we made mistake of going to RV show in Atlantic City. Saw a new Cedar Creek we liked better than our Montana AND AT A CHEAPER PRICE! OUCH!