Friday, June 25, 2010

Short Move Long Stay.

We left Myrtle Creek at 8:30 a.m. for the 177 mile trip to McMinnville. Sally was programed to stop at the Super Wal-Mart in Salem as the one in McMinnville is a regular one and doesn't carry a lot of the food items we require. $190.00 and a hour later we were back on the road to go the final 26 miles to our home for the next two months.We had booked this park at the last minute because it is closer to Linda's daughter Denise's house.Reservations had been made in another town close to here for later in the month so we thought we would decide which we liked best and just book the two months in the one we liked.Are we ever glad we found this one as the other one would have not have a pleasant stay.One word of caution to those relying on web site pictures and descriptions of a park, sometimes what you see on their web site is not what you will get.That one may have been nice once upon a time but the old, old rv's with junk all around them sure made it look less than desirable .Needless to say that one got canceled and our new find got extended .I have no answer yet to the problem of occasionally picking a clunker RV park.It's a good thing our house has wheels.

The park is adjacent to the Evergreen Aviation Museum which is the home of the "Spruce Goose" a massive ww2 plane developed by Howard Hughes plus many other airplanes and aviation items.I have not made it there yet but will post pictures when I do.

We have already met many very nice people here and we are sure this is what we have been
looking for.The couple next to us are from Colorado and I have visited with a few that either used to live there or have family there.Another is from Wyoming so it's kinda nice to visit about a common area of the country.Even though we love traveling and seeing new places you always feel you have ties to your home state.

Buddy has given the park his "mark" of approval but is unhappy with us because the second day here he had to go to the groomer for haircut.Not his favorite thing.

There are a lot of places to see in the area so we will have plenty to do for the next two months if we feel like it.A short road trip is planned for Saturday thru Tuesday in Washington to visit Linda's nephew and family then we will be back home.It will be strange to sleep somewhere other than our house on wheels. Here are a few pictures of our home.
1. Walkway from park to museum
2. One of three museum buildings
3. Our site from walkway
4. Landscaping to hide trash compactor

Chasing A Rainbow

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  1. We find that quite often older RV parks allow "permanent" residents who do not keep up their property. Guess it's where the term trailer trash comes from.

    But - looks like you found a nice home for a while.

    Have safe trip up to DC. I HATE that beltway around the city. I try to avoid it when possible.