Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soggy Weather

For the last two days we have been pretty much cooped up in the trailer because of rain.All three of us are getting a case of cabin fever.At least Linda and I have our computers and TV.Poor Buddy just sits on the back of the couch looking out the window and sighing.We have enjoyed our time here but are starting to get hitch itch and are ready to move on with hopes of better weather.We understand we are in the Pacific Northwest but hope to at least get some daytime highs in the 70's instead of the low 60's.

We have at least learned our roof is in good shape unlike the poor guy across from us who was out in the rain putting duct tape on his roof.That would really tick me off.So far we have been extremely happy with how our Cedar Creek has performed. We feel lucky as earlier this week the neighbor next to us was very unhappy with his Motor Home and was planning on filing Lemon Law papers on it when he gets home.He said he has had the roof repaired 3 times and it still leaks.Half the time the slides refuse to go in without a lot of pushing and shoving.I felt bad for the guy.He traded his truck and fifth wheel for the motorhome because of the easier setup and now regrets it.

The park is slowly gaining a few more campers I'm guessing spend the summer here.If you like to fish this would probably be the place to summer as the weather never gets very hot.

I was going to get my wish and see them put the floating dock in the river this week but weather and one of the main guys working here ending up sick in the hospital put that on hold.Get well soon Angel.He is a really nice guy and a hard worker.

I am going to add some pictures of our trip to Arizona last year to see if I have fixed my posting problem.A question to my readers,would you prefer a little larger print or does this work?Let me know in the comments section.Until next time we will be Chasing A Rainbow.These two pictures are of the Salt River Canyon,The deepest part is called The other Grand Canyon. The next two are of Spirit Mountain in Apache Junction,Arizona.As you can see it changes color when the sun is setting.

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