Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Learning

Well I began the day yesterday writing what I thought was a fitting entry for Memorial Day.I even posted it then remembered a patriotic link I was going to include.Being new at this I went in to edit and tried to copy and paste a link into the post.All was well until I hit paste-the whole post went away! Went back as I thought Blogger automatically backed it up. I couldn't find it anywhere.By then I was a little upset with myself because if you could see how well I type you would see that it takes me a while to get this done.Decided to just quit while I still had an operating computer:).

The other day we decided to drive to the Klamath River Overlook just a mile or so up the road from us.It overlooks the spot where the Klamath meets the Ocean.As you can see by the pictures it is quite scenic.The last one shows the difference in color of the river water before it mixes with the ocean. On the way home we noticed a sign on 101 we hadn't noticed before.It said we were in a tsunami danger zone ! Never thought about it before but being this close to the Ocean I guess it makes sense.

Last night about 6 we were outside talking with our neighbor when all the sudden we heard the strangest sound then figured it was Seals in the River.We all went running to the shore and the 3 Seals put on quite a show for us while they were feeding on fish.That's a real treat for an old drylander like me.To bad I wasn't quicker with the camera but they didn't stick around long. They were here again tonight but were all business and didn't put on much of a show.

Since Klamath only has a convience store we had to go to Crescent City to
day to get some groceries and to get Linda a haircut. We took advantage of cell phone service to call Linda's daughter to see how our Granddaughter Amanda's high school graduation went. We sure hated to miss it but "PaPa" and Grandma are proud of you. I also called good friend Duane who is also planning to full time as soon as they can swing it.Although we enjoy being on the road you still miss your family and friends .

I would like to welcome all that have signed up to follow my blog.I hope I can give you a true picture of what it is like to travel and live in an RV. Until next time we will be chasing a rainbow.

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  1. Oh, That is so infuriating for you that you lost your post! Have you looked everywhere for it, in Blogger's Drafts, or Scheduled?
    Try Live Writer? It can be set to save every minute, if you wish. (Tools, Options, Editing)
    One handy thing about it is that you can type snippets of your post during the times you are off line, as you think of them, and then hit 'Publish' when you are on line.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX