Monday, July 26, 2010

Good old fashion fun

Last weekend we went to a little town called Yamhill to an event called Derby Days.As we were driving up Linda and I both thought we were going back to our youth. Yamhill has a population of 855 and it looked like the whole town was walking to the park.There were also cars parked everywhere I would imagine from out of towners.This is a classic example small town America is alive and well.

We got the truck parked,put Buddy in his doggy stroller and went into the park.There were booths and people everywhere, all having a genuine good time.In Greeley they quit having soap box Derby's many years ago but here they had a track set up and there were some nice soap box cars setting there. We wandered the park and found things like a dunk tank,some really nice John Deere tractors, ring toss games and food booths( there goes the diet again).They were even going to have a frog jumping contest.Unfortunately we had to leave before that happened.Long story short it was a refreshing few hours of very inexpensive fun.Being on the road has made us realize it's the little things in life like this that mean the most. Most people come to this area because of the winery's but since neither of us much care for wine we have found many other places to go and enjoy.

It has been pretty warm here this week but has been tolerable .I have to say I don't know how we did it when we were younger without air conditioning.They have been getting a workout.We do miss our old spot with the bigger shade trees but it is what it is.We will continue to enjoy the area realizing in just under a month we need to head back to Greeley to see our Dr's and wrap up some loose ends.we are still Chasing A Rainbow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shortest Move Yet

Monday the 19th was moving day,but was the shortest move we have made since we left Greeley.We had decided to extend our stay here but the site we were in had been promised to someone else during the time we wanted and being repeat customers they had priority over us.Our move was 7 sites away from our old spot.The first one had open space to one side and felt more private than this one as we now have RV's on both sides of us and the tree's are smaller so we lost some shade.It's still a nice spot though.Poor Buddy is a little confused..he keeps wanting to go to the old spot when we come back from our walks.

To compound his confusion we then left him overnight at Denise's house as we finally completed our trip to Easton, Washington to visit Linda's Nephew Mike and his wife Snooks. Linda and Mike are close to the same age so we all have a lot in common.Mike and I hit it off right off the bat when Linda and I married as he is a motorhead like me. We enjoy talking cars and can both go on and on about them.Other than that we both are somewhat reserved in demeanor . They have a beautiful home in the woods and have done a great job fixing it up.Of course I was going to get some pictures but we were so busy visiting with their Daughter and her Husband and Linda's other nephew Darrell we totally spaced it out until we were on our way home.Take my word for it that part of the state is great.The morning we left they took us to a little cafe up the road for breakfast.Most places have short stacks or long stacks of pancakes but here you only get 1 or 2 but if you could eat 2 of them you have a bigger appetite than I do.These things are dinner plate size, thick and very tasty.Linda had 1/2 order of biscuits and gravy and could not finish it.The prices are very reasonable which is rare anymore.Needless to say we had enough to hold us for the 5 hour drive back.

Yesterday we went to Lincoln City to gamble a little,spend a little time at Linda's beloved Ocean and eat some clam chowder( our diet is taking a beating).We ate at a small cafe called the Black Fish Cafe.The clam chowder was great as were the sandwich's.

Linda on the beach by her ocean(yes it was cold)
Linda and Denise

Saw this nice 50's style custom 50 Ford in Casino parking lot.

Still living the life and Chasing A Rainbow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We like it here

When Linda and I first discussed full timing our plan was to travel two or three years and see as much as possible and also keep note of area's we might like to settle in when and if we come in off the road.The McMinnville, Oregon area is the first we have put on our list.We still have much more of our wonderful country to see and may find an area we like better but you have to start somewhere.Other places will be compared to this area to start with.What we like here is the small town feel but access to the advantages of big city amenities somewhat close when needed or wanted.Summer weather is important as we both do not like hot weather.So far it has been just what we are looking for as the days are usually in the mid to high 70's and the evenings the low 60's with a nice breeze coming in around five or five thirty in the evening allowing us to shut down the AC's and open the windows.There have been some hot days but they don't go on for weeks at a time like some places.Down side for me is the lack of an asphalt stock car track close by.There is a Drag strip close so when I need my Drag Racing fix it is just a short drive but I like to watch asphalt stock car racing sometimes also. Another upside there seems to be a lot of really nice cars in the area and the car shows that go with it. At the end I will include some pictures of the latest car show.Yes,as you can see I am a real car nut,especially hot rods.That part of me will never grow up(I've been accused of not growing up at all :) Linda would like to have a Super Wal-Mart because the regular one here doesn't have everything she needs.Some more of the larger discount stores would also be handy.We can go to Salem for that although it is 25 miles so you don't want to have to go very often.

Last weekend the park was jammed packed full of younger couples with lots and lots of kids.This park although not a 55+ place seems to cater mostly to the older crowd.Boy what a difference in activity! At first Linda and I thought it was going to be a very trying weekend but decided we would not be a couple of old fogey stick in the muds and just,within reason, let the kids be kids and not complain,remembering back when our kids were young and we went "camping".In the end it wasn't that bad other than the fact to pool was pretty much not available for adults.I'm glad to see young family's still camp and get outdoors instead of buying the latest game console where the kids never see the light of day.

Next week we are going to take our road trip to Washington State for a couple days and visit Linda's nephew and his family.Denise will watch Buddy for us as they don't allow dogs in their house which caused us to postpone the trip in the first place.Denise has some vacation time and Buddy gets along fairly well with her Lhasa Opso Emma, so we won't have to board him.Yea I know he is spoiled but he's our baby.

Today we took a drive to get a picture of an old barn that has been overgrown by a vine. We will make sure we have a camera this time. What a life.

So here we sit for now watching the park fill up in the afternoon and evening and watching it empty out in the morning.We both like to people watch so it is good entertainment for us. Until next time Chasing A Rainbow.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quiet 2 weeks

It's been a fairly quiet couple weeks for us.We have just been hanging out and enjoying the weather.Up until yesterday the weather has been absolutely perfect.Up until yesterday we haven't had to use the electric heaters at night or the air conditioners during the day.It was a little cool in the trailer when we got up in the morning and might reach 77 in the afternoon but that is when the cool breeze would start and we could open windows and keep it comfortable.That's good as we are on metered electric and like to conserve as much as possible.The last two days have been hotter and we have worked both air conditioners off and on all day.It is supposed to cool back down to normal by the weekend just in time for what McMinnville calls Turkey Rama celebration where they have various activities going on.Of course I'm happy cause they are having a car show so that makes it alright with me.Linda and Denise will get some Mom and Daughter time with some of the activities while I go to the car show.The City has a great restored Downtown area and have a Farmers Market on Thursday's we went to.For a small city(32,000) this is a busy and active place.The Market had an excellent variety of items for sale.

Yesterday I went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum and spent over 3 hours looking at the planes, helicopters and rockets/space ships.Of course the highlight of the museum is the "Spruce Goose" designed by Howard Hughs. It is the largest wood airplane ever built.It swamps everything else in the building and is surrounded by many different styles of planes,jets and helicopters. The museum is dedicated to Michael King Smith who was the man who came up of the idea of a Aviation Museum to share his passion of flying.Michael was an accomplished Jet Pilot in the Oregon Air National Guard.He lost his life in an Automobile accident in 1995 but his Father who is the founder of Evergreen Aviation has carried on his sons wishes in his memory.I am a car nut and know nothing about planes but was totally awestruck by this museum.I took over 75 pictures but will only include a few here for the sake of time and space.Even if you are not an airplane fan this place is well worth the $ 20.00 admission fee.

I follow quite a few RV blogs and it seems some go out to eat pretty often as they move around.Linda and I rarely do that as it is so much cheaper to eat at home and we are both on a special diet to control our weight and thus our health.It's a high protein,low carb type of diet so we are not starving ourselves on lettuce and tofu.Works well for us.We do go out once in a while as we did last night just to keep us on track and not feel deprived.Went to Ruby Tuesday's and had a decent meal but will probably not rush back anytime soon.Next time I think we will stay away from the chain Restaurants and try a Mom and Pop place.

I have been forgetful and would like to publicly congratulate my little sister Terry on getting her Masters Degree.She is a Grade School Teacher in Aztec,New Mexico and I am very proud of her.She and Husband Herb are special people. Family is important and missed so I would like to say Hey to Sisters Mona,Deb and Pat also.See you in September.

We had a nice 4th of July.Just had to open the curtains on the trailer and had a front row seat for the Fireworks show at the museum.What a life!
That's it for now so here is to Chasing A Rainbow.
Free shuttle will come to RV park and pick you up if you can't walk the 1/4 mile to the Museum.

I'll not even attempt to identify these plane ,hope you will enjoy

Replica of Sopwith Camel

Replica of Russian Sputnick

Replica of Gemini
Early version of communication satellite