Monday, July 26, 2010

Good old fashion fun

Last weekend we went to a little town called Yamhill to an event called Derby Days.As we were driving up Linda and I both thought we were going back to our youth. Yamhill has a population of 855 and it looked like the whole town was walking to the park.There were also cars parked everywhere I would imagine from out of towners.This is a classic example small town America is alive and well.

We got the truck parked,put Buddy in his doggy stroller and went into the park.There were booths and people everywhere, all having a genuine good time.In Greeley they quit having soap box Derby's many years ago but here they had a track set up and there were some nice soap box cars setting there. We wandered the park and found things like a dunk tank,some really nice John Deere tractors, ring toss games and food booths( there goes the diet again).They were even going to have a frog jumping contest.Unfortunately we had to leave before that happened.Long story short it was a refreshing few hours of very inexpensive fun.Being on the road has made us realize it's the little things in life like this that mean the most. Most people come to this area because of the winery's but since neither of us much care for wine we have found many other places to go and enjoy.

It has been pretty warm here this week but has been tolerable .I have to say I don't know how we did it when we were younger without air conditioning.They have been getting a workout.We do miss our old spot with the bigger shade trees but it is what it is.We will continue to enjoy the area realizing in just under a month we need to head back to Greeley to see our Dr's and wrap up some loose ends.we are still Chasing A Rainbow.

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  1. What a grand way to spend an afternoon.

    Here in NJ we have suffering with continuous 90+ weather. We, too, wonder how we grew up minus a/c.