Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quiet 2 weeks

It's been a fairly quiet couple weeks for us.We have just been hanging out and enjoying the weather.Up until yesterday the weather has been absolutely perfect.Up until yesterday we haven't had to use the electric heaters at night or the air conditioners during the day.It was a little cool in the trailer when we got up in the morning and might reach 77 in the afternoon but that is when the cool breeze would start and we could open windows and keep it comfortable.That's good as we are on metered electric and like to conserve as much as possible.The last two days have been hotter and we have worked both air conditioners off and on all day.It is supposed to cool back down to normal by the weekend just in time for what McMinnville calls Turkey Rama celebration where they have various activities going on.Of course I'm happy cause they are having a car show so that makes it alright with me.Linda and Denise will get some Mom and Daughter time with some of the activities while I go to the car show.The City has a great restored Downtown area and have a Farmers Market on Thursday's we went to.For a small city(32,000) this is a busy and active place.The Market had an excellent variety of items for sale.

Yesterday I went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum and spent over 3 hours looking at the planes, helicopters and rockets/space ships.Of course the highlight of the museum is the "Spruce Goose" designed by Howard Hughs. It is the largest wood airplane ever built.It swamps everything else in the building and is surrounded by many different styles of planes,jets and helicopters. The museum is dedicated to Michael King Smith who was the man who came up of the idea of a Aviation Museum to share his passion of flying.Michael was an accomplished Jet Pilot in the Oregon Air National Guard.He lost his life in an Automobile accident in 1995 but his Father who is the founder of Evergreen Aviation has carried on his sons wishes in his memory.I am a car nut and know nothing about planes but was totally awestruck by this museum.I took over 75 pictures but will only include a few here for the sake of time and space.Even if you are not an airplane fan this place is well worth the $ 20.00 admission fee.

I follow quite a few RV blogs and it seems some go out to eat pretty often as they move around.Linda and I rarely do that as it is so much cheaper to eat at home and we are both on a special diet to control our weight and thus our health.It's a high protein,low carb type of diet so we are not starving ourselves on lettuce and tofu.Works well for us.We do go out once in a while as we did last night just to keep us on track and not feel deprived.Went to Ruby Tuesday's and had a decent meal but will probably not rush back anytime soon.Next time I think we will stay away from the chain Restaurants and try a Mom and Pop place.

I have been forgetful and would like to publicly congratulate my little sister Terry on getting her Masters Degree.She is a Grade School Teacher in Aztec,New Mexico and I am very proud of her.She and Husband Herb are special people. Family is important and missed so I would like to say Hey to Sisters Mona,Deb and Pat also.See you in September.

We had a nice 4th of July.Just had to open the curtains on the trailer and had a front row seat for the Fireworks show at the museum.What a life!
That's it for now so here is to Chasing A Rainbow.
Free shuttle will come to RV park and pick you up if you can't walk the 1/4 mile to the Museum.

I'll not even attempt to identify these plane ,hope you will enjoy

Replica of Sopwith Camel

Replica of Russian Sputnick

Replica of Gemini
Early version of communication satellite

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  1. If you ever get to the Dayton OH area, you must go to the air museum there. AND IT's FREE! At least it was last time we went a few years back.

    Going out to eat is one of our problems. We like it too much. You are right - it's nice to seek out Mom and Pop establishments.

    Your weather sounds delightful. We hit 102 on Tuesday and 104 yesterday. Today expecting a cool 93 but higher humidity making if feel like over 100. Want to trade?