Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shortest Move Yet

Monday the 19th was moving day,but was the shortest move we have made since we left Greeley.We had decided to extend our stay here but the site we were in had been promised to someone else during the time we wanted and being repeat customers they had priority over us.Our move was 7 sites away from our old spot.The first one had open space to one side and felt more private than this one as we now have RV's on both sides of us and the tree's are smaller so we lost some shade.It's still a nice spot though.Poor Buddy is a little confused..he keeps wanting to go to the old spot when we come back from our walks.

To compound his confusion we then left him overnight at Denise's house as we finally completed our trip to Easton, Washington to visit Linda's Nephew Mike and his wife Snooks. Linda and Mike are close to the same age so we all have a lot in common.Mike and I hit it off right off the bat when Linda and I married as he is a motorhead like me. We enjoy talking cars and can both go on and on about them.Other than that we both are somewhat reserved in demeanor . They have a beautiful home in the woods and have done a great job fixing it up.Of course I was going to get some pictures but we were so busy visiting with their Daughter and her Husband and Linda's other nephew Darrell we totally spaced it out until we were on our way home.Take my word for it that part of the state is great.The morning we left they took us to a little cafe up the road for breakfast.Most places have short stacks or long stacks of pancakes but here you only get 1 or 2 but if you could eat 2 of them you have a bigger appetite than I do.These things are dinner plate size, thick and very tasty.Linda had 1/2 order of biscuits and gravy and could not finish it.The prices are very reasonable which is rare anymore.Needless to say we had enough to hold us for the 5 hour drive back.

Yesterday we went to Lincoln City to gamble a little,spend a little time at Linda's beloved Ocean and eat some clam chowder( our diet is taking a beating).We ate at a small cafe called the Black Fish Cafe.The clam chowder was great as were the sandwich's.

Linda on the beach by her ocean(yes it was cold)
Linda and Denise

Saw this nice 50's style custom 50 Ford in Casino parking lot.

Still living the life and Chasing A Rainbow.

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