Thursday, July 15, 2010

We like it here

When Linda and I first discussed full timing our plan was to travel two or three years and see as much as possible and also keep note of area's we might like to settle in when and if we come in off the road.The McMinnville, Oregon area is the first we have put on our list.We still have much more of our wonderful country to see and may find an area we like better but you have to start somewhere.Other places will be compared to this area to start with.What we like here is the small town feel but access to the advantages of big city amenities somewhat close when needed or wanted.Summer weather is important as we both do not like hot weather.So far it has been just what we are looking for as the days are usually in the mid to high 70's and the evenings the low 60's with a nice breeze coming in around five or five thirty in the evening allowing us to shut down the AC's and open the windows.There have been some hot days but they don't go on for weeks at a time like some places.Down side for me is the lack of an asphalt stock car track close by.There is a Drag strip close so when I need my Drag Racing fix it is just a short drive but I like to watch asphalt stock car racing sometimes also. Another upside there seems to be a lot of really nice cars in the area and the car shows that go with it. At the end I will include some pictures of the latest car show.Yes,as you can see I am a real car nut,especially hot rods.That part of me will never grow up(I've been accused of not growing up at all :) Linda would like to have a Super Wal-Mart because the regular one here doesn't have everything she needs.Some more of the larger discount stores would also be handy.We can go to Salem for that although it is 25 miles so you don't want to have to go very often.

Last weekend the park was jammed packed full of younger couples with lots and lots of kids.This park although not a 55+ place seems to cater mostly to the older crowd.Boy what a difference in activity! At first Linda and I thought it was going to be a very trying weekend but decided we would not be a couple of old fogey stick in the muds and just,within reason, let the kids be kids and not complain,remembering back when our kids were young and we went "camping".In the end it wasn't that bad other than the fact to pool was pretty much not available for adults.I'm glad to see young family's still camp and get outdoors instead of buying the latest game console where the kids never see the light of day.

Next week we are going to take our road trip to Washington State for a couple days and visit Linda's nephew and his family.Denise will watch Buddy for us as they don't allow dogs in their house which caused us to postpone the trip in the first place.Denise has some vacation time and Buddy gets along fairly well with her Lhasa Opso Emma, so we won't have to board him.Yea I know he is spoiled but he's our baby.

Today we took a drive to get a picture of an old barn that has been overgrown by a vine. We will make sure we have a camera this time. What a life.

So here we sit for now watching the park fill up in the afternoon and evening and watching it empty out in the morning.We both like to people watch so it is good entertainment for us. Until next time Chasing A Rainbow.

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  1. Ah car buffs - my brother has a 1929 Model T Truck and a 69 GTO. Len's brother has 5 vintage Mustangs. Len would like a 55 Chevy. He had one as a kid but who knew?