Monday, August 2, 2010

Taking it Easy

Other than another car show on Saturday this week has been another week of visiting with various people in the park and getting some planning for the future done. Linda is getting our legal stuff updated on our estate so things will be as simple as possible for our kids.Of course my thought is if there is money left we didn't have enough fun.:). In about 3 weeks we need to leave here and head back to Colorado to see the Dr. and clean out our storage space. Although we don't reserve spots too far in advance I like to have rough idea of each place we are going to stop and campgrounds available.That way if something comes up we aren't on a must keep schedule and won't have to push ourselves. That is my job.Get us to Colorado and make sure we have a safe place to rest in the evening.

We really like the park we are in now and plan on coming back. The only downside is the way they play what we all in the park refer to as "musical spaces". Every so often you will see RV'S moving around the park and settling in to a different space. Ours was 2 weeks ago. If you aren't a permanent resident but want to stay for a few weeks or a few months they are very unorganized in space allocation. Although they state you can't reserve a specific spot they will make you move because some one else was booked into your spot previously. To be fair that usually happens when you ask to stay longer than you originally booked for, but to me it seems silly to move you to another spot and then the spot you were in has had no one in it longer than 2 days at a time.They could have left us there and let the over nighters move in and out of the one we are in now. We all have a good time with it because the good points far outweigh the one small problem.

Linda and I were looking out of our Kitchen window the other day watching our new neighbors move in. An older gentleman was guiding him in and I asked Linda"Is that that old nosey guy up at the end helping him?" After a few seconds we both realized we were doing the same thing out of our kitchen window he does standing in the street,being nosey. Got a good laugh out of that. By the way they are a nice young couple expecting their first child any day now.

The car show was at the local Ford Dealership and had a good turnout. They had a beautiful new 2011 F 450 King Ranch setting there. Even though I'm not a Ford guy I had to look(it's a guy thing). What a truck and this baby would pull most 5th wheels out there with ease.Then I looked at the sticker.Talk about sticker shock...$ 65,900.00. WOW! Ford is very proud of this truck. I'll stick with my Dodge. Pictures below are some of the hi-lites of the car show. Chasing A Rainbow.

These two were in the RV Park on their way to a Model A show in Vancouver. They drive these cars on the street.Both very nice restorations.


  1. Leonard IS a Ford Man. He would drool over that F450, you bet. If money were not an object, we would be driving one as we speak. Oh well.

  2. Phyllis
    Even though I'm not I agree if money were no object I think I could become a Ford man.