Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heading East

We were out of Greeley by 8 a.m. and made Wakeeney,Kansas by early afternoon and stayed in a nice KOA there .Not often you will here me say that,I'm not fond of most of them but this one is an exception. Linda and I had a good laugh Sunday night before we went to bed.I was calling my family to tell them we were leaving.At the end of each conversation I would say,well this isn't goodbye just see ya later.Of course what do we say right before we hang up....GOODBYE.

The next night we decided to try this Passport America park called Paradise Lake Resort in Lone Jack, Missouri.Boy did this place turn out to be way out in the boonies !The price was right and it is a pretty place although the sites are a little tight and unlevel . As soon as the sun went down it started to rain and rained all night.I was a little concerned about the roads being muddy but it was unfounded as the roads were rocked very nice.

These 2 have a nice view The "facilities" We used our own !

The next night we spent a very uneasy night in Mount Vernon, Illinois at the only park in town. It was very hot and all they had was 30 amp so we could only run 1 air conditioner... or so we thought.Every 15 minutes the park breaker would trip.I kept shutting down electrical appliances so we could cool down with at least one.Being the only park in the area the owner was very busy and hard to find so I finally plugged into the vacant site next to us and solved the problem.Now go figure, Linda and I were less than impressed but not Buddy-he loved it here.Kept wanting to go out and wander all over the park sniffing and marking.You just never know.

Our present spot is in Kentucky at Taylorsville Lake State Park , our first State Park stay and we now understand why they are so popular.This place is quiet,isolated and your neighbor is not right on top of you.This one even has 50 amp electric and water with a nice laundry and shower/bath house right across the road.We could get used to this ! Something tells me we might be back here when we have more time.

Old Barn on way to Park

Linda and Buddy at Lake Buddy loves climbing rocks
(I need to use the zoom)

Nice size lake

Our next stop will be Tygart Lake State Park in Grafton, West Virginia so I can visit my 3 children. Will keep you updated as things happen.Chasing A Rainbow.

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