Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From The Mountains To The Ocean

We left Zooland RV park near Ashboro around 8 A.M. and made the short 50 mile drive to Cross Winds Family Campground near Linwood ,North Carolina to spend the week so I could get my NASCAR fix.What a great Campground ran by a very nice couple.We took a site in the open so we could set up our Satellite dish.There are sites "in the woods" if you want.

Our Site
Check In
Fishing Pond
Site in the woods

I spent one day visiting some NASCAR stuff while Linda and Buddy relaxed at home.My first stop was Dale Earnhardt JR's shop where I observed but could not get a picture of the #3 Wrangler he drove to victory earlier this year and got a small look inside the shop.Didn't buy any memorabilia as it's to costly and no room anyway when you live in an RV.The second stop was Michael Waltrip Racing which was an impressive and fan friendly facility.It was set up on a catwalk system where you could look down on every aspect of the work going on in this 200,000 square foot shop. I could have spent all day just watching the 250 mechanics doing their jobs.My last stop for the day was the NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte.This is a massive building housing the history including many cars,and other pertinent pieces of history.Although I enjoyed it I felt it was a little to commercialized as it cost $18.00 to get in but many of the interactive displays you had to pay extra.Seems for almost $20.00 per person they could let you do the whole experience without paying more...Or maybe I'm just a cheapskate :).Still a great experience.

Waltrip Racing
Outside JR Motorsports

" 500" Trophy's
Car on Chassis Dyno that
duplicates different tracks

Spare Cup cars
Spare Nationwide cars
"The King's" car
Very Early NASCAR car
Red Byron

Bill France
Actual cars depicting banking
at Talladega

On Sunday we took a drive to see the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway.What a beautiful drive.At the overlooks we talked with several people who were very intrigued when we mentioned we traveled full time and lived in our RV. You could tell they wished they had the nerve to try it.We had a good laugh at one lady though, who had no clue that you could live in a "camper" When we told her it was 40 feet long with three slide outs,had two tv's ,a shower, and all the comforts of home she could not get a grasp of the concept.One picture I took is what Howard Payne calls the obligatory "dead tree picture" the other showed the changing colors of the leaves.The locals said this year was not very colorful due to lack of rain this summer but we thought it was pretty anyway.

We left Linwood around 7:30 a.m this morning headed for Sunset Beach, North Carolina and we are now within 5 miles of Linda's beloved Ocean.The car pictures will soon be replaced by ones of different places between here and Silver Springs,Florida where we will be November 1st.It's now time to go places Linda has wanted to go.She has been an angel letting me see my things and it's her turn.The last picture is Linda getting her feet wet in the Atlantic,so we have now been from "sea to shining sea"

We had our first tire blowout on the way here today.Luckily there was no damage to the trailer at all which is pretty unusual.We had been pressing our luck anyway with the cheap Chinese tires they put on the trailer.Not sure what we are going to do, as new Michelin's which should be on it will take a big bite of our budget but then again what price can you put on safety? We are risk takers though, so I might just buy one tire as a spare and take my chances until we get to Florida.We will mull it over and see.Not going to stress out about it much for a day or so.Time to relax,enjoy and continue Chasing A Rainbow.

You should have seen the
smile on her face


  1. so no pics from JR's place inside?

  2. George and Linda.........you were right here by us...........the race events start this week here at the Charlotte Speedway, and lots of campers are settling in. I would have loved to met up with you guys.......the full time lifestyle is something we are currently working towards within the next seven years. Husband wants to own a stick and marter home and Ours will be paid off at that time with the pacing of the type of payments we are making. Anyway if you get a chance to pass back through here again stop by and we will provide a meal for you at our home for payment of discussion. LOL
    Cyndi Budhi

  3. We never travel without our Pressure Pro system. Gives great peace of mind.
    We had planned on heading up to the Smokies today. However, woke to rain. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.