Monday, October 4, 2010

Rain-Rain Go away...Finally

Our stay in Mt. Airy was pretty much restricted by constant rain. Sounds like it was much needed though so that's o.k. We had one nice day and went into town to see the Mayberry themed attractions. It's kinda the typical touristy thing but still interesting to see.Floyds Barber Shop and Wally's Gas Station were fun to see. The campground is fairly new and pretty but Buddy did not like it here at all.Could have been the weather but sometimes he just does not like some places.

Our Site

We were on Andy Taylor Dr.

Old Original Farm House

This shows size of park
51 Ford Taxi Cab
Floyds Barber Shop
Old Country Store
Wally's Gas Station You can
Buy a tour in Sheriff Car

We have been in Asheboro for 4 days now in a park we really like.Buddy has taken ownership of this one and will be upset when we leave tomorrow.This has been a relax and get our budget on track stay, as this park is nice and very reasonably priced.Friday was our 27th Anniversary so we went into Asheboro looking for a nice place to eat.We found a place called America's Roadhouse and it was excellent Sea Food and very reasonably priced.The appetizers listed Alligator Tips and Frog Legs but we passed.We have had Frog Legs before but Alligator doesn't sound very good to either of us.Linda had Crab Cakes and I had Coconut Shrimp with all the trimmings.Linda gave me her Hush Puppies..YUM.The next day we went into town to the Fall Festival.We have been looking for a wooden plaque with our names on it and figured there might be a booth there.There was but being the cheap skates we are decided $ 40.00 was to much.Our luck we'll never find one that cheap again.:).This town has a population of 25,000 but 100,000 people come to the Festival every year.There were booths for everything you need and a lot you didn't.Tomorrow we move to Linwood, North Carolina(only 50 Miles away) so I can be closer to the Charlotte area for my NASCAR fix.Again we are Chasing A Rainbow.

Festival goes on for blocks
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Big truck..Smart Car

Nice Fishing Pond by our Site


  1. Saw on news today that the Charlotte race track had a large sink hole about 35 ft deep. Will be fixed by next week.

    Hey - Alligator is good! As one married to a Cajun, had to try it. And it DOES NOT taste like chicken!

  2. Glad you folks like our park. Enjoy! And don't forget to take a stroll down to the Ocklawaha River. The river leads into Silver Springs attraction 3 miles down the 40. Cool place to visit. Climb aboard the glass bottom boat too!