Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Home

Well, after a 250 mile trip we are now in our winter spot for at least the next 4 months in Silver Springs, Florida. This is a very nice park with friendly people that are not as clickish as some ownership parks tend to be. Our first 3 days were spent in one of the park lots as we actually arrived 3 days earlier than planned and didn't feel right asking our landlord to let us in early. In retrospect they would have had no problem letting us move in early.Could have saved a few bucks but Linda and I both do not like asking for favors.On Monday the 1st we packed up for the move to our spot and I put my first dent in the trailer. I was sick.As you can see it's not very bad but it just being there bugs me and will until I get it fixed.The interior roads are quite narrow and as I swung out to clear a planter on the drivers side I did not pay attention to the tail swing of the trailer and clipped a small red pole.I didn't even know I had hit it until a guy pointed and told me I had hit something.I think I was more embarrassed than anything.

Since our lot is at the end of a dead end street I was going to have to back the trailer about 450 feet down the street to get it in.After scraping a pole just turning a corner my confidence was a little shaken but I actually got it backed in and parked without much trouble.Whew !!! This lot is really nice as it sets right by a pond with a fountain that lights up at night.It's kinda cool to have a fountain to look at right out of your window.Another nice thing is no RV on that side either to block the view.We had originally rented another lot in the park but at the last minute the lady kinda backed out on us so we had to scramble to find a place since we were in South Carolina when we found out. In the long run we ended up with a much nicer lot to spend the winter in.

View at night out of the window.

We are pretty much just getting settled in and have not done much yet but have been enjoying being able to walk across the street and use the hot tub to sooth our aching muscles.The daytime temps have been just what we were looking for although the nights have been a little cooler than we thought they would be.Not cold mind you, just cooler than we thought. There is a beautiful white Great Egret bird that hangs out at the pond and catches fish but is really cautious and so far we haven't been able to get close enough with our cheap point and shoot camera's to get a good picture .Oh well, got at least 4 months to sneak up on it and get a picture.

I won't have much to add regularly to the blog but promise to at least let you know we are still alive and kicking once in a while.We will be soaking up the sunshine and Chasing A Rainbow.

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  1. Sorry George but I can not see a dent on your rig. NOW - you wanna see I dent? Should have seen what Len did back in May when he separated the whole back wall from the side. NOW THAT WAS A DENT!

    Don't you just love it when you get something even better than you expected? Looks like that's what happened with your camp site. Good for you!