Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Report from a chilly Florida

As I sit here writing this it is 46 degrees with an expected low of 28 degrees! All I can say is Al
Gore and his global warming cronies tried to pull the wool over our eyes but Mother Nature proved them wrong. When I first looked out this morning the frost on the lawn almost looked like snow.I have to say it did warm up nice today into the low 60's but I want the mid 70's back and the warm evenings. They say maybe another week and then it will be back to normal. Don't get me wrong we still prefer to be here now rather than in Colorado.

Last week before the cold snap hit we decided to take an overnight trip to St. Augustine, Florida for a little get away and go to the Ocean plus visit the city which is the oldest city in the Country. We drove by way of Daytona Beach so I could go by the Speedway which I had never seen before except on Television.Man that place is massive and I was somewhat surprised that it was surrounded by a business district.The tracks in Colorado are for the most part out in the country so I was a little surprised. I will be going to the "500" in February so now I know how to get there. From Daytona we drove the coastal road to St Augustine and found our Motel and checked in.After a little rest we went to the old original part of the city to check out the shops and the old buildings. The next day we went to the beach.I'm a beach novice and this is the first one I have been to that had so many sea shells on it.It was very intriguing to me.My only connection with sea shells before was in a store. I even got to drive the truck on to the beach and park. How cool is that ?! Funny how little things like that please me any more. I'm beginning to enjoy trips to the beach and look forward to maybe swimming in the ocean in January when we take our next side trip with my cousin and her husband.

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in US

Looking down the Main street

Cool looking water wheel

Plaza de la Constitution
Thought the Wachovia Building
was beautiful

Nice 56 Oldsmobile Convertible
Authentic Corner Drug Store

Hard to see,but Palm Trees
with Christmas lights! Wow

Linda on the beach
Linda and Buddy

The rest of the time since my last post has been spent waxing the trailer and getting our generator running good so I can sell it.Thought we might have an occasion to use it but we don't camp without hookups enough to justify carrying it around.Just another part of the ever evolving full time lifestyle.The new tires and wheels arrived from Forest River last week so I began to call around to have someone come to our site and change them for me as it would be to much trouble to break camp and go to town to a tire store. Well, I'll be darned if I will pay anyone $90.00 to change 4 tires!! A $13.00 tire iron and a little work and I did it myself. Why is it so much harder to do that stuff now than it used to be!? :). Any way I like the look and these wheels and tires are much better than what was on it and they give better clearances on the suspension. The old wheel and tire combination was found to be 1 size too large.This along with the axle work done previously make me much more comfortable . Once again, cudo's to Forest River for stepping up to the plate.

Old 235x85Rx16 combo New 235x80Rx16 combo

Until next time we will continue Chasing A Rainbow. Merry Christmas


  1. Love the pictures. Looks like a really neat place to visit.

    Amazing what a difference 1" can make on trailer tires.

    Travel Safe

  2. where are the track Pic'

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