Monday, January 3, 2011

8 Months on the Road

 It's been 8 months since we left a wet rainy Colorado on a journey we had been planning for a long time.A bad housing market almost derailed that plan as we didn't want to worry about a home while we were traveling.It took some creative dealings but we finally got it sold and were free to start out.We started on a slow journey West towards Oregon so Linda could spend some time with her Daughter Denise and we could enjoy the wonderful Oregon summer weather.By way of Utah,Nevada,Arizona and California we reached McMinnville Oregon and got settled in for a 2 month stay.We have grown fond of the area and have reservations to return for the summer.The Grand Canyon was the highlight of the trip there.

  The 2 months went fast and soon we were on our way to Florida with a swing through Colorado to finalize some business and clean out a storage unit.We were excited to be able to see our family again only to have it be bittersweet with the sudden death of one of my little sisters Mona the day before we got home.We got through that and got our business taken care of and slowly wound our way South and East.Over the next 6 weeks we visited many interesting places with Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia being highlights for us.For me the Charlotte, North Carolina area was a special treat because I got the chance to visit NASCAR shops in the area.I also got a chance to visit my 3 children Lindsey,Jay and Tony in West Virginia.We don't get to see each other often enough and I really enjoyed my time with them.We visited a few different beaches that are always a treat for Linda(she loves walking on the beach)on our way and finally arrived in Florida the last week in October.

  We are now staying in a nice gated 55+ community in Silver Springs and for the most part have just kind of hung out.We did take an overnight trip to St Augustine and some day drives in the area .The weather has been a little disappointing so far but at the moment it is real nice.The normal averages for this area are around 75 daytime and 55 to 60 at night.We have seen some of that but had a 2 week spell where it at times got down to 25 at night and only low 40's during the day.Not quite what we were looking for.We still have 2 months left here in hopes of warmer weather. One nice thing it is easier to decorate an Rv for Christmas.

No tree,Just Stockings
for the 3 of us
As you can see we couldn't
hang them by the Fireplace

  On January 15th we will be taking an away from the RV vacation to Indian Shores, Florida.We will be meeting my cousin Laurel and her husband Ron who are on extended vacation in the area.We are looking forward to it and plan to take many pictures and have a nice report on the area.Until then we are chasing A Rainbow.


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